1. 28 Nov, 2011 1 commit
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      Add notice & disable new secret urls when publicviews is off (bug #794385) · 7a164a56
      Richard Mansfield authored
      When the site or institution has disabled public views, there's a
      notice on the view access page to that effect, but the user can
      happily create new secret urls with no indication that they won't
      work.  This patch removes the generate new secret url button, and adds
      a notice to the secret url page to inform the user when they're not
      allowed to create public pages.  Also adds a sentence to the site
      setting to make it clearer that disabling public pages also disables
      secret urls.
      Change-Id: I93a36df425bf06c4748cfdbfaf62613017518872
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
  2. 24 Nov, 2011 1 commit
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      Remove wwwroot from notification urls (bug #849716) · 4384e747
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Urls stored in the url field of notification_internal_activity contain
      the site's wwwroot.  This leads to broken links when the wwwroot is
      changed.  It also dangerously turns what should be local links into
      remote ones when for example a production database is copied into a
      test Mahara instance.
      This patch does three things:
      - Removes the wwwroot from urls passed to ActivityType constructors
      - Adds the wwwroot back on the url when sending email and emaildigest
        notifications, and when displaying them on the site.
      - Removes the wwwroot from the url in all existing rows of
      Change-Id: I00ae1abc65be79030ed4c572ce951edc43f7a034
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
  3. 17 Nov, 2011 2 commits
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  5. 04 Oct, 2011 1 commit
    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Display textbox notes as read-only in config form (bug #736665) · ea22bbf6
      Richard Mansfield authored
      When configuring a textbox that includes an html artefact owned by
      someone other than the view owner, it must be made clear to the user
      that the textbox cannot be edited within the current view.
      In this case, the sanitised html from the artefactchooser is
      displayed inside a grey box in the config form, and the tinymce editor
      is hidden.
      A help file has been added to explain why the user cannot edit the
      selected artefact.
      (When tinymce includes an toggle for its read-only mode, this can be
      Change-Id: I81b44928b7ac83ffaebba04d4ab34d3964743bf4
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
  6. 30 Sep, 2011 1 commit
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  8. 16 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Melissa Draper's avatar
      Add check for query string on tags page (bug 849898) · 884ccae4
      Melissa Draper authored
      If the tags page was visited with "tags.php" via, say,
      the sidebar heading, the urls made with the template
      were broken; the query string was joined to the baseurl
      with a & rather than a ?. This patch checks if the last
      8 characters are tags.php and sets a queryprefix value
      based on the result.
      Change-Id: I56f87b76e9fb82472fda2c6cb2c5315bb3f79c05
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMelissa Draper <melissa@catalyst.net.nz>
  9. 13 Sep, 2011 3 commits
    • Andrew Robert Nicols's avatar
      Bug #824445: Improve error reporting for missing plugins · 0a694de5
      Andrew Robert Nicols authored
      This set of changes attempts to handle missing plugins in a better fashion.
      Rather than throwing an uncaught error which causes a unrecoverable site
      error, which in turn means that no user can use any other plugin; this
      patch disables the problem plugin and informs administrators of the issue.
      To handle the case where core plugins, which under normal circumstances
      cannot be disabled, are missing and disabled; the plugins.tpl template is
      also changed to test for the contents of the activateform, instead of
      whether the plugin can ordinarily be disabled. This means that if the issue
      is then fixed, the plugin can once again be re-enabled, at which point the
      [ hide ] link will no longer appear.
      Change-Id: I6f9fa73ae0ac307b5f5f8f30b8205690926f54fc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarAndrew Robert Nicols <andrew.nicols@luns.net.uk>
    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Hide member counts when user can't list members · 9f8cf990
      Richard Mansfield authored
      When the logged-in user can't get to the member listing for a group
      (bug #845287, bug #504830), it seems like a good idea to also hide
      the number of members.
      Member counts are hidden in the group info block and copy a view page
      by moving member & view counting into the group_get_groupinfo_data
      function, and performing the permission check in one place for both
      Member counts are hidden on My Groups and Find Groups inside the
      group_prepare_usergroups_for_display function.
      Change-Id: Ibe5675861040cedf67c2ddff7647117cd155722a
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Fix secret url link on access page (bug #823789) · 82cd0c3f
      Richard Mansfield authored
      When editing access for group and institution views, this link went
      to the share page for the individual logged-in user.  It should go
      to the group's share page, or the institutions share page instead.
      Change-Id: I1af2b645fb2fcbee6cbb67306605dca5215256f2
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
  10. 12 Sep, 2011 5 commits
  11. 09 Sep, 2011 1 commit
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      Theme updates · 38bc7e0b
      Evonne Cheung authored
      Changes to templates and css for: Forums list, Site statistics,
      Admin user search, Group members, Search boxes, My Views.
      Adds a few extra DIVs to make it possible to customize the layout
      further in themes that inherit from the raw theme.
      Change-Id: Ib534b2949f93277fd48c9168797c852f12801b7d
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
  12. 07 Sep, 2011 1 commit
    • Melissa Draper's avatar
      Add help text for finding place to set secreturls (Bug #823789) · e9a0383f
      Melissa Draper authored
      When the view acl screen was changed to streamline the setting of
      access permissions to multiple views/collections at once, secreturls
      moved out of this screen. As it is still in the share tab, it is not
      obvious to users that they should return to the list of views and
      collections to find the secreturl screen. This text guides them there
      with a handy link and explanation of the screens.
      Change-Id: I47406747a374d5d210c46473a0b4c28134f829aa
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMelissa Draper <melissa@catalyst.net.nz>
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