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  5. 10 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Updating outdated links in the Mahara source code · dbc2403e
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1523499: Old wiki.mahara.org links without the "/wiki",
      and HTTP links that should be HTTPS.
      Also updated the installer release notes link to point to
      the base "Release_Notes" page in the wiki, because we no
      longer maintain separate wiki pages for each release.
      behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
      Change-Id: I02e80eb4d8df5adddee88e77156e8e103ca24c51
      (cherry picked from commit 4c046f3d)
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  17. 16 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Fixing up group homepage problem (Bug #1396565) · c1f8e419
      Robert Lyon authored
      A mistake was made where a user was allowed to add more than one
      "group pages" block to the group homepage. This wasn't a problem until
      we added pagination to the "group pages" block.
      This patch attempts to clean up that error and merge any existing
      multiple block instances into one "group pages" block instance.
      Change-Id: I38acada835a4c245c97f0008543519a9dd2072a3
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Making sure core message notifications are correct on upgrade · c9aefd3c
      Robert Lyon authored
      Bug 1380200 - make sure main two do not have 'none' option
      Bug 1380829 - make sure the previous default email method is respected
      On upgrade from 1.9 the default core notifications 'System message'
      and 'Message from other users' can be set to 'none' - which is not
      This patch will fix that problem by making sure the default core
      notifications are set to email and that any users are also updated to
      beusing the newly set default method.
      Also deals with setting the default email method correctly - the prev
      change to notifications didn't set the default email method with the
      correct currently being used method.
      Change-Id: I98dcc8374876e20cb5c2952121b69dab99c7cf19
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      The archiving of submitted pages/collections from groups (Bug #1335670) · 5c57b565
      Robert Lyon authored
      This patch contains:
      - The export queue system where pages/collections on release from
      submission are added to the export queue table ready to be archived.
      - The export queue admin page showing what is in the queue to be
      exported. The cron runs every 6 minutes. Queue items failed to export
      are also shown here.
      - The archive list admin page, where one can download the generated
      leap2a files for the archived submissions.
      In this patch you should be able to add things to the export queue by
      either releasing a sumbission on a group that has 'archive
      submissions' option ticked. This will add the archive to that archived
      submission page, or you can also run a leap2a export from portfolio
      export which will add the export queue and send you an email once the
      export is done.
      Things to note:
      - The is a server busy function that stops the export queue from
      running but I'm not too sure if the threshold is too low/high
      - The export queue tries to export the first 100 items each run but if
      resources are fine in handling that easily then the number could be
      higher but I'm not sure of what will be a good number.
      - Currently there is alsoe infrastructure like table columns for dealing
      with releasing submissions from external systems (eg moodle) but that
      functuionality is yet to be built.
      - The checking of server busy in MS windows untested - may need to
      just let MS ignore server busy check as there doesn't seem to be
      standard way to check this.
      Change-Id: If4c1d272e9c5d46fbf16b2ff73ceb2687c06ffd4
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>