1. 15 Mar, 2021 3 commits
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      Bug 1915963: Bring back masquerading and other admin actions for inst. admin · 2f961b22
      Fergus Whyte authored and Gold's avatar Gold committed
      Institution admins can masquerade, but they couldn't do so from the
      profile page of an account holder any more. The link to the account
      settings page was missing as well.
      They can now also again suspend and delete account holders.
      Change-Id: I28aadf237bd280ce2f22e052a122de9488ce327c
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    • Evonne's avatar
      Bug 1912414 Style updates · 6c312125
      Evonne authored and Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner committed
      - Make comment public /portfolio/feedback.html: sits in the middle and
        doesn't have the correct class.
      - Comment with attachment: size is still displayed and download icon
        doesn't have tooltip that includes file name and size.
      - Objectionable content: When page seen in 'Shared by me' page, it's
        missing the 'Portfolio under review' markup.
      - Plans: The word 'Template' is too small on the plans overview page.
      - Plans: View page and also Edit: Remove red background for overdue plan
        item as well as the red from its heading.
      - Plans: Edit on a page: The chevron on the task sits awkwardly.
      - Mark a forum post as objectionable: The alert icon to the left of the
        profile icon of the post that you are reporting is missing.
      - Once forum post has been reported, change the red text for 'Reported
        details' to black.
      - Legal: Expanded item has the chevron in the wrong direction.
      - Legal: The 'Last update' date moved to the bottom from the top right
        hand corner.
      - Elasticsearch result page, journal entry is pushed to the left.
      - Account settings in admin area: Calendar icon below last login sits
        outside of box.
      - Skin: - heading within a text block uses the block heading font when
        it should not do that.
      - Group's about page - under Group Portfolios heading, when a page/
        collection is a template, it has a button on the right to allow
        copying, tpl needs to be updated so it aligns to top of the
      - Look into the btn-group-top responsiveness, too many overrides for
        specific pages, like comments remove button, it seems to require an
        extra pixel around md breakpoint, would like to clean this up.
      Change-Id: Icfffed9376e89339a8fad5a207d3b974b431e451
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      Bug 1895066 · e105d8aa
      Gold authored
      Draft peer assessment needs additional indicator besides colour
      Added a 'draft' string to "view" and used that in the template.
      Updated the 'draft' string in "blocktype.peerassessment/peerassessment"
      to 'savedraft' to prevent confusion.
      Added 'pubstatus' to the item if it is private and set this to Draft.
      Added pubstatus to the template if set to private. Style for this
      replicates the private status on Bug 1912414.
      Change-Id: I9cb0b20f9e00536e3162c3f83583b4877a6913a9
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