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      Bug 1468156: Change plugin type of plugin multirecipientnotification to module · dd0e1dab
      Tobias Zeuch authored
      To change the plugin type from artefact to module, the code is moved and the
      superclass reference is changed to PluginModule. Obsolete classes for the
      former unused artefact types are deleted. The references to the old script
      paths are changed. Plugin Tables are renamed and references updated.
      The new plugin mustn't be installed when the old plugin is still active, but on
      upgrade, the database tables are renamed and references in artefact_installed
      and artefact_event_subscription and the triggers are changed.
      Change-Id: Id5f1198b780ffb92181f7d60785aad9ffe2259da
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Zeuch <tobias.zeuch@rwth-aachen.de>
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      Inbox and outbox: show 'reply' and 'reply all' links in own column · b44e024d
      Tobias Zeuch authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1387330: Show reply and reply all buttons in a separate column in the inbox
      and outbox, like email clients usually do. Also remove the reply-links after
      the message text.
      The buttons should only appear where applicalbe, e.g. only show a button reply
      all when there were multiple recipients and don't show a reply-button for system
      messages. Also other links remain in the message text, like links to new pages
      in new-page-access notifications.
      Change-Id: I938dda6210f4a0a8ab57b56c654cf60931ef7a6a
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Zeuch <tobias.zeuch@kit.edu>
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      New plugin as user-message system to multiple recipients · b7606a0a
      Tobias Zeuch authored
      Bug 1246702: This is a plugin that replaces the current user notifications with a
      message system for multiple recipients.
      - The plugin redirects calls to sendmessage.php and inbox.php.
      - New Usermessages are stored in a separate table from the userrelation, where there
        is also kept track of whether the notification has been read or deleted.
      - Messages aren't deleted from the database, until all participantas (sender and all
        recievers) delete it.
      - The plugin comes with an outbox that shows messages that have been sent by the
        logged in user.
      - Both inbox and outbox show new messages and old messages alike.
      Note that the code is at pre-release state:
      The message-count per user is kept up to date with database-triggers, as is done for
      the old system.
      For this new system, you might not want to install it on a productive system or it
      might mess up your message count when you deactivate the plugin.
      Change-Id: I586af86266b5fb0e2d676bd1401b7d879d0122ef
      Signed-off-by: default avatarTobias Zeuch <tobias.zeuch@kic-innoenergy.com>
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