1. 25 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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    • Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar
      Bug 1710005: Custom file mapping for sp and ids in saml · bb7c7561
      Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
      The way it worked before, to add a mapping file we
      have to edit the saml config.php code
      With this patch, to add a mapping file we can set the variable
      saml_custommappingfile with the path to the file
      in the mahara config.php file
      Change-Id: I6396930da8dfdbe1904e469f309cdb4e38d46757
  5. 18 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Francis Devine's avatar
      Bug 1704887: Expose signing algorithm config to mahara · 059b0765
      Francis Devine authored
      Allows you to set the signature algorithm for simplesamlphp from the
      Mahara SAML plugin configuration screen.
      The default setting is sha256, with sha1 available as a fallback for
      those institutions who need it.
      For an already existing site the default is set to sha1 as that is what
      it would have been previously
      Change-Id: I3eb628d837bdabbfc7641620e94fc2f127beceb9
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Bug 1620879: Make SAML auth return to initial URL after login · 2c8761b2
      Aaron Wells authored
      This is needed specifically for the
      module/mobileapi/tokenform.php script
      Also adding an anchor "#sso" at the extra login elements,
      to allow the app to scroll that part into view.
      behatnotneeded: Can't test in Behat (yet)
      Change-Id: I4363976522b8339542002535d8ba57fdc70496ac
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Bug 995681: Allow SAML account creation with remote usernames · a3782238
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      There's no particular reason to prevent the SAML plugin from
      creating auto-creating accounts if you're using remote usernames.
      Even in a multi-tenanted situation with many tenants using the
      same SSO, we can tell which institution a new user should go
      into because each SAML auth instance requires an institution
      identifier field from the SAML attributes.
      Change-Id: I7d7fd592aafe3d01cd92098977be82793f3376dd
      behatnotneeded: Requires external SAML IdP to test.
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    • Pat Kira's avatar
      Block detail links - comment, add comment, detail links (BUG 1465107) · 17894563
      Pat Kira authored
      Minor fixes - style login panel,
      display block without content,
      remove some styling on block heading,
      remove get link function for wall block it was duplicated
      Style SSO and Persona login buttons
      behatnotneeded: styling only
      Task 22787, 23057, 22661
      Change-Id: I280947a17727eb1518551bfbb8ad05a0fb2fea80
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Changing PluginAuth API to specifically indicate whether Auth requires remote username · 20512fdb
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1160093: This adds a few new methods to the Auth class, which represents an auth instance:
       - is_parent_authority(): Indicates whether this auth instance is a parent authority or not
       - get_parent_authority(): Gets the ID of this auth instance's parent authority
       - needs_remote_username(): Indicates whether this auth instance needs the user to have a
            remote username setting (in auth_remote_user table)
      I've also updated the SAML and XMLRPC auth types, which are the only ones that use remote username.
      And I've updated create_user() to automatically populate auth_remote_user() for auth
      instances that use it.
      Note that an auth instance of ANY type will need a remote username if it's the parent to another
      authority (the parent feature allows a user to log in via the parent or the child auth instance;
      so it's quite possible for the user to have different usernames in the two of them. Currently
      only XMLRPC uses the parent auth feature.)
      Lastly, also updated the documentation of LiveUser->create_user() to indicate that it only
      uses the $remoteauth parameter as a boolean (which was true even before my code changes).
      Change-Id: I39b1b74e68cdbc9c2632b886655caaaece1bd312
  32. 18 Jun, 2013 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Making links to directory index.php files more explicit · 1c56a922
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug #1150831: Some links to directory index.php files left off the
      trailing slash,
      i.e. "{$WWWROOT}/view". This caused unnecessary redirects and greater
      potential for
      errors in users' web server setups. While I was at it, for all links to
      other than $WWWROOT itself, I changed them to be explicitly links to
      Also fixed the Windows-style line endings in homeinfo.tpl
      Fix all implicit links
      Change-Id: I87b285713e5cb1cfe785ceedd2702e5c2578058b