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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Problems with image gallery and file/folder selection · 2d855e68
      Robert Lyon authored
      Bug 123530 and Bug 1236122
      When js slideshow was chosen on a page without a slideshow block
      (eg a new page) the js code returned by the selection was not loaded
      fast enough
      - I've altered it so the js is loaded on opening of config block
      - Also folder was not staying selected when re-editing the block
      due to it being not ArtefactTypeFile - have adjusted the check to
      include ArtefactTypeFolder as well
      - The switching between My files and Site files was breaking due to
      folder artefact chooser not having certain elements on the page that the
      js was trying to access. Have made it so js checks for elements before
      trying to update them.
      Change-Id: I9b8cbe786b0d35109f05a664f04665e9a9967d92
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Eugene Venter's avatar
      Make profile pics available in files area · 4a7b4ac4
      Eugene Venter authored
      bug #605747 and bug #806501
      When a user uploads a new profile icon, it now gets added to the
      "images" folder in their files area. Profile icons are emphasised and
      descriptions aren't editable. Warning notifications, when deleting a
      default profile icon or when deleting a folder containing profile
      icons, are implemented.
      Signed-off-by: default avatarEugene Venter <eugene@catalyst.net.nz>
      Change-Id: I3f8c93c4b65814aa183f0eaa8e1739e750c87905
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    • Hugh Davenport's avatar
      Extended image gallery blocktype · 4d86a0bf
      Hugh Davenport authored
      Adds support for the following external gallery hosters
      - flickr
      - panoramio
      - photobucket
      - picasa
      - windows live
      This patch does not do the following
      - Support non-public albums on flickr or windows live
      - Support guest-link albums on flikr
      - Support albums with access keys on photobucket or picasa
      - Support albums with custom URL's in photobucket
      This patch also doesn't have very good error
      handling for the above cases
      Based on Gregor Anzelj's branch at
      Bug #794369
      Change-Id: I3a961cd97d21d0a8d5ce2f1a32ef81d7c761facb
      Author: Gregor Anzelj <gregor.anzelj@gmail.com>
      [hugh@catalyst.net.nz prepared for review, expanded commit msg]
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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