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      Merge changes... · cb4befb5
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Merge changes I4428db94,I2ad65571,Icc6de3bb,Iaea3dc3b,I1b492bc3,I55638eda,I7242d47b,Icc3b669d,Ic68f21bb,I98b410a3,I37ee9d80,I321735de,Ib2492fb9,I9520f1d3,I81f6b322
      * changes:
        Add comments on html artefacts (bug #736665)
        Add an artefactchooser to the textbox config form (bug #736665)
        Fix artefactchooser pagination in chrome after search (bug #803707)
        Add 'selectjscallback' option to artefactchooser
        Add 'getblocks' option to artefactchooser
        Add option for artefactchooser to return a list of artefacts
        Add user feedback for exceptions in instance_config_save
        Let blocktype plugins specify inline configuration javascript
        Allow block configration to submit a list of other blocks to redraw
        Add a page to manage html notes (bug #736665)
        Convert textbox config during Leap2a import/export
        Save textbox content to the artefact table (bug #736665)
        Allow access to block instance when saving block configuration
        Move textbox blocktype into the internal artefact plugin (bug #736665)
        Add html artefact type to internal artefact plugin (bug #736665)
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      Allow group members to view their own files · 7d9b3749
      Hugh Davenport authored
      If a file is in the groups area that doesn't have member access
      then the group member that initially uploaded it can't view it
      This patch allows the author (uploader) of a file to still have access
      no matter what the access is set to for the group role they belong to
      Bug #812673
      Change-Id: I1d5bbccb41d34af15617ac5abc673b1265ac9f3e
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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