1. 07 May, 2020 1 commit
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      Bug 1839411: Update Mahara to work with PHP7.3/7.4 · 4263848b
      Rebecca Blundell authored and Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar Cecilia Vela Gurovic committed
      Fixed strpos error picked up by 7.3
      I haven't found any other 7.3 issues and none have been caught by behat
      For 7.4:
      -Fixed implode param order (glue, parts)
       Note that Mink has a reversed implode not fixed upstream:
       I have added a function to copy the correct code over in the interim
       I also pushed a change to an HTMLPurifier file as it is not fixed upstream
      -Changed a variable read by fread to allow for false return type
      -Calling a non-array as an array now causes an error, meaning we need to
       confirm an array value before attempting to use a variable. An obvious
       case is in multi-record db calls the return value is either an array of
       results or false. E.g.
          $array = db_call();//returns false as no results
          //do sth with result
          $var = $array[0]//error, trying to access type false as array
          //instead we need to check the value before accessing:
          $var = !empty($array[0]) ? $a...
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      Bug 1868613 body font size inheriting from somewhere else · c521ffdf
      Evonne authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Body was inheriting styles that wasn't intended for it, removed it
      so increasing base font size variable can work.
      There was a bunch of things relating to adding a block via commit
      The other bits were removed by commit
      when we changed how we add a block to a page
      But one sass/css bit was left so will remove now
      Change-Id: I65698e42493807eb5d044f3b9ac094e180d44ea9