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      Merge "Refactor csv download code" · cd0535bf
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      Refactor csv download code · 3eb5fc05
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      Change-Id: Ibf300f85cbcea12f6ac6ddb89a1eb5f6ea47216b
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Merge changes... · 1ec2b3e6
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      Merge changes Ica69747f,I0722975e,Ib0b970fd,I0202fed4,I14eb8147,Idc8a87ad,Ied0536af,If0cc457f,I7e9a5730,Iba0ad7ba,Ie82b12ac,Ifdc7dbaf,Ie0d96d6c,I81faade6,Ibaf27bef,I9f38f2f9,Ib8478b0c
      * changes:
        Show all institution registration statistics by default
        Show only numeric and non version statistics
        Center table in statistics when no summary
        Added statistics language strings
        Add institution comparison stats page
        Add registration and historical stats for entire site
        Add historical page for institution statistics
        Add registration statistics page for institutions
        Allow exporting statistics as CSV file
        Add dropdown selector for number of statistics
        Add institution statistics page
        Store daily institutional stats
        Add cron job to store institution stats
        Allow staff to view site statistics
        Add more statitics to institution stats
        Add function to get institution statistics
        Store weekly registration data in local table