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    • Hugh Davenport's avatar
      Add ability to register with a BrowserID (bug #986004) · a5a97f21
      Hugh Davenport authored
      When a user clicks on "BrowserID Login", one of three things will happen
      1- If they have an account, they will login
      2- If they don't but there is one authinstance with browserid is present
          AND it has weautocreateusers enabled, then they will get an account
          in that institution, and login
      3- If none of the above is true, they will get redirected to a register
          page, which follows same self registration pattern as the internal
          authentication with the "confirm email" step removed.
      Change-Id: Idde3166e0664bf2acdc1da32271125e91d43af9c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Change version of safe iframe sources upgrade (bug #971282) · ab160d78
      Richard Mansfield authored
      We have just committed to master a database upgrade with a version
      number less than the current version number of the 1.5 branch.  This
      means that an upgrade from the current 1.5 to master will not add the
      safeiframe tables.
      This patch changes the version number on master to ensure the upgrade
      is applied.
      This occurred because the 1.5_STABLE branch's version leapfrogged over
      the master version during the release candidate stage.  This will be
      fixed in the release script (see bug #988682).
      Change-Id: Ic2929fa9f17719a6068494ab63e7f00558c2fdcc
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Move the list of safe iframe sources to the database (bug #971282) · 4b8c5170
      Richard Mansfield authored
      Builds the htmlpurifier safe iframe regexp from a list of sites stored
      in the database, instead of a hardcoded array.
      Each site in the safe iframe list is associated with a name.  This
      will allow several regexp items to be grouped together under the same
      name when they're matching urls from the same site.
      Additionally, the domain part of each site is stored in a second list
      along with the names, so that it will be easy to fetch the favicon for
      display in places such as the external media block configuration form.
      Change-Id: I7fd2bfefbff0881e70b94beb9e8d3efb43f0f9e7
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Chris Wharton's avatar
      Display blog posts with a particular tag · 1fec6736
      Chris Wharton authored
      Bug #597479
      Blocktype plugin that allows the user to select a tag, which then
      displays: all blog posts, from all blogs, owned by this user, tagged
      with the selected tag.
      Update: moved from main blocktype area to artefact/blog/blocktype
      Change-Id: I28ddeb7181188c1441c7a6fb55aa3200192fe112
      Signed-off-by: default avatarChris Wharton <chrisw@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Hugh Davenport's avatar
      Reorder tabs for editing content of a page · 9d268535
      Hugh Davenport authored
      Bug #697837
      Added a database entry to blocks to enable reordering of tabs.
      This sort field can be used as a weighting but must be unique.
      other tabbed structures should also have a field as such to allow
      admins to change the order on the fly.
      Patch by Sean Brennan, cleaned and rebased by Hugh Davenport
      Change-Id: I269d3f00288b5470b8e612a54527ae7f22aa747c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHugh Davenport <hugh@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Allow per-group page editing permissions · 5117c733
      Richard Mansfield authored
      The roles which have edit permissions on group views is set for each
      grouptype.  This changes the setting to be per-group.
      Partially addresses bug #547362, bug #631189
      Change-Id: I3f51f0ed44b7f479a094a2c5b2e2ee4807722e34
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Enable submissions per-group, and decouple from 'course' groups · 3b58a258
      Richard Mansfield authored
      View submission was previously enabled on all (and only) course
      grouptype groups (those groups with tutors).  After this change
      view submission can be turned on and off on any group, and if a
      group has no tutors (standard grouptype), then only the group
      admins will be allowed to assess submitted views.
      Change-Id: I6df7f9dfc1b9fadbe39887ead4c1aa5c7a9eaed6
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Richard Mansfield's avatar
      Add more flexible group jointypes (bug #610690) · 027ffc0d
      Richard Mansfield authored
      The four existing jointypes, 'open', 'controlled', 'request' and
      'invite' are mutually exclusive, but they don't need to be so strict.
      This patch introduces more flexibility in the way groups allow new
      members to join.
      * Group admins can always send membership invitations to a group, even
        if it's open or controlled
      * Membership requests can be enabled for any group unless it has open
      * The grouptype now determines the set of roles available to a group,
        but no longer restricts the available join types.
      The db upgrade will preserve existing behaviour apart from enabling
      invitations on open, request, and controlled groups.
      Change-Id: I8bb0940a37f3c0c36366c1d5b8d27e8b9914a7e3
      Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Mansfield <richard.mansfield@catalyst.net.nz>
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