1. 04 Mar, 2015 7 commits
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      Adding ids to the edit access and secret url edit buttons · 769d117f
      Robert Lyon authored
      Bug #1427845
      the ids are in the form of:
       editaccess_{id of view}
       secreturl_{id of view}
      eg for view id=10 it will be editaccess_10 and secreturl_10
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
      Change-Id: I9b86a39db9a56d295d659203a9c8c1b4b4ba5e5e
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      (Bug1352028) Add a JSON progress bar for bulk operations. · 55a8deb8
      Nigel Cunningham authored
      This patch adds a JSON progress meter (I'll call it that to avoid confusion
      with progress bars) to the bulk uploading of users, groups and group
      memberships and the bulk export and import of users (LEAP), so the user can see
      the progress of the operation and not just the submit button changed to
      'Processing..' and whatever indication their browser gives while waiting for
      The bulk export and import are minor rewrites, replacing the old iframe based
      progress bar and the associated multiple pages and additional template file in
      the case of the bulk export, and the recursive redirect-to-self of the bulk
      To accomplish the display of the progress bar during the operation, we make the
      PHP session be closed (read only) except when changes need to be made. This is
      for the most part a straightforward change in session.php as it's the only
      direct accessor. In other places, we replace direct accessing of the session
      variable ($_SESSION) with use of the session class ($SESSION) so that it can
      reopen the session, make the change and close the session again.
      There is one more aspect to all of this: with previous behaviour, multiple
      requests for the same session would queue, taking the session lock in turn.
      After this patch is applied, they can proceed in parallel, allowing greater
      throughput. There is no additional locking requirement because the issues are
      the same as those already dealt with in allowing multiple PHP threads to
      process requests from different sessions at the same time.
      I have sought to make the progress meter nice and generic, so it can be used in
      the other bulk imports and exports too.
      Paradoxically, these changes don't just make the import seem to be faster, it
      actually is.. at least in the case of users and groups.
      Times for importing 1000 users, groups and memberships, averaged over 3 runs
      each (Wall time, not CPU time - but the relationship is the same).
                      Without Progress     With Progress
      Users                166s               155s
      Groups                85s                78s
      Memberships           20s                19s
      Change-Id: Iec15c57db32c77994edb80c71d65591de51a95e4
      Signed-off-by: default avatarNigel Cunningham <nigelc@catalyst-au.net>
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      Merge "bug1425424 - Fix bugs for:" · 87c4ad2d
      Robert Lyon authored
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      Add the step "I wait until the page is ready". Bug 1409369 · 66211818
      Son Nguyen authored
      As changing the page limit will update the page using ajax,
      we need to add this step to make sure the page is completely loaded
      before checking its content.
      Change-Id: Ie3750d2870ccaa5c5e9e467d9316e76f84fedfed
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      Fix embedded images in 'Text' block when copy and import. Bug 1425728 · 2b259a85
      Son Nguyen authored
      - Add new method PluginBlocktype::rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config()
      which enables blocktype to rewrite extra configuration when copying
      - Implement rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config() for
      PluginBlocktypeText to rewrite embedded image urls in the text block
      - Rename the method rewrite_artefact_ids() to
      rewrite_blockinstance_config() and add new code to allow blocktype
      plugins rewrite extra config when import
      - Add new method
      - Implement
      PluginBlocktypeText::import_rewrite_blockinstance_extra_config_leap() to
      rewrite embedded image urls in configdata['text']
      Change-Id: Id5163817c676fb118edea02d152b7797111cb99f
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