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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Silence error messages from tagged journal entries ajax script · 2bd84453
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1557896: When you first click in Select2, it fires off an
      aqax request with no "q" value (because there's no query string
      yet). We return a "required parameter missing" error message in
      a JSON object, which causes a Javascript warning in the browser.
      Better to just treat it like an empty q, instead of a missing q.
      behatnotneeded - unable to test for issues in console
      Change-Id: I81c4cfe77c51fce735cfd2628aaed1e40cc35940
      (cherry picked from commit 28fcc277)
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Explicitly commit artefact to avoid buggy destructor (Bug 1513716) · 875f1806
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Since this blog post object wasn't committed after having its
      description updated, it causes the destructor to try to save
      the changes to the database, and that sometimes throws a fatal
      error if PHP garbage-collects the global $db variable before it
      calls this constructor.
      behatnotneeded: Covered by existing "edit_journal.feature"
      Change-Id: I5056ecce91b823b245cb5bd29f0676a35a6afd45
      (cherry picked from commit 294fa9a4)
  8. 08 Mar, 2016 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      "Tagged journal entries" block shouldn't grant access to whole journal · 58149efe
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1521818. Making the "Tagged journal entries" block act more like
      a collection of "Journal entry" blocks. So, it doesn't add the parent
      blog to view_artefacts, only the specific blog entries that are
      displayed in the block.
      Also removing the title of the parent blog (and the link to it) from
      the list of blog entries, like the "Journal entry" block, which
      doesn't display the title of the containing journal.
      Note the viewer may still have access to the whole blog, if the blog
      is also shared on the same page via a "blog" or "recent journal entries"
      Change-Id: I33fc7e58b964c03bc8003f1de81a4bf58b6079b7
      (cherry picked from commit ada12dba)
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  11. 09 Dec, 2015 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Updating outdated links in the Mahara source code · ca01f231
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1523499: Old wiki.mahara.org links without the "/wiki",
      and HTTP links that should be HTTPS.
      Also updated the installer release notes link to point to
      the base "Release_Notes" page in the wiki, because we no
      longer maintain separate wiki pages for each release.
      behatnotneeded: Covered by existing tests
      Change-Id: I02e80eb4d8df5adddee88e77156e8e103ca24c51
      (cherry picked from commit 4c046f3d)
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Display icons for 3rd-party blocktypes plugins · 2565f2d8
      Aaron Wells authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Bug 1510421
      Defines a new static PluginBlocktype method, get_css_icon(), which
      fetches the name of the CSS icon to use for this blocktype. It returns
      false by default, which tells the theme to "fall back" to the old
      thumbnail.png instead. 3rd-party plugins can override this to
      specify a particular icon to use.
      All the core blocktypes have been refactored to extend
      MaharaCoreBlocktype, which uses the blocktype name as the name
      of the CSS icon to use. I also deprecated the "SystemBlocktype"
      class while I was at it.
      PluginBlocktype::get_blocktypes_for_category() now returns both
      the results of get_css_icon() and the thumbnail.png path, so that
      themes can decide which they want to use. (And of course
      thumbnail.png is served via thumbnail.php, so 3rd party themes
      can provide their own custom image files if they wish.)
      behatnotneeded: Requires installing third-party plugins to test
      Change-Id: Idb1ecfc7b21175913708e695788906c11133b0c0
      (cherry picked from commit 4f849ed2)
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  21. 23 Oct, 2015 5 commits
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Straightening out the language string situation in the JS calendar (bug 1455137) · e7971698
      Aaron Wells authored
      The main thing this fixes, is that it causes the JS calendar to use ONLY the
      new lang strings pieform_calendar_dateformat & pieform_calendar_timeformat,
      for its formatting. These strings are in strftime() format, and are converted
      into the JQuery Datepicker/Timepicker format by PHP (if we change to a different
      calendar plugin in the future, we can change the PHP conversion function).
      This fixes the bug where translators could break the calendar by changing the
      JS format strings so they no longer matched the PHP format strings.
      As a side effect of this change, I've also made it so that the help strings
      are derived from the format string, and are translatable.
      behatnotneeded: Date field is already tested by resume_page.feature
      Change-Id: I152962cc27f36f93b51ee0327ed942fb089f7f5b
      (cherry picked from commit 287b6794)
    • Son Nguyen's avatar
      Fix error when upgrading from 1.10. Bug 1489284 · d4768a1d
      Son Nguyen authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Change-Id: I55734b2c42c5f67a0a324de306083b9e033394be
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Sometimes $this->users is boolean false, not an array · ac506148
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1509129
      Change-Id: I68e2731306ab231aa8f1421e12dc641184e5999b
      (cherry picked from commit baabb7e5)
    • Son Nguyen's avatar
      Handle embedded image deletion better. Bug 1489284 · 7a7754ec
      Son Nguyen authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Refactor updating embedded images
      Deals with the deleting of embedded images in a:
      - blog
      - forum post
      - forum topic
      - group description
      - note
      - page description
      Also sorts out the problem where a note embedded item can be saved
      with both 'editnote' and 'textbox' resourcetype. We only need one.
      Also add 'static' to EmbeddedImage::methods()
      Change-Id: Ife1f9dee5ffe9eae4468eadb8f46a16a0a2a9044
    • Liam Sharpe's avatar
      Changes some of the colors around mahara slightly to fix the contrast - Bug #1465107 · 020bffbb
      Liam Sharpe authored
      Change-Id: Ibe2edeeb178018e7d0bdf9814ce31c2f03f742fb
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    • Pat Kira's avatar
      Minor styling fixes (bug: 1465107) · 40e2b971
      Pat Kira authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      task no: 24725, 24728, 24736,
      24726, 24724, 24730, 24731, 24809
      behatnotneeded: styling only
      Change-Id: I631bdaff87b11e9425f62d83c5253aab60085b6b
      (cherry picked from commit df228e7d)
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