1. 24 Sep, 2020 7 commits
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      Bug 1895201: Add a gitlab-ci build pipeline · 277d2c0f
      Glenn Walbran authored
      Change-Id: Ie58c9b6cf3a282869cf8f38efecc6970c3388894
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      Bug 1819379: fix behat timing issue, · 2b19f6eb
      Gerald Quimpo authored
         wait until xpath/text is present before asserting that the text
         is there.
      Change-Id: I5799316fd8d4ee38729ad860454c885c364785a5
    • Gerald Quimpo's avatar
      Bug 1819379: set chromeOptions:w3c=false in behat.yml. Without this · 81e4983b
      Gerald Quimpo authored
          new chromedriver fails tests that switchToWindow($windowHandle)
          with "invalid argument: 'handle' must be a string"
          best practice would be to remove this, but later, when chromedriver
          and behat both support w3c already.
          don't run on jenkins yet, WIP.
      Change-Id: I707d66b6072a5987cc32ffe01f7be5c8a22af314
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      Bug 1819379: in behat, the _modal_ confirm dialog pops up and then · 125e6dcd
      Gerald Quimpo authored
         goes away immediately.  Fix by setting chrome ignore
      Change-Id: Ib2bb546f6091e156b58e18f03ac13363e805adbd
    • Glenn Walbran's avatar
      WR341266, update the chromedriver · 747f3079
      Glenn Walbran authored
      Had issues running the behat tests in the docker builder container. The
      tests would run for just over 30 minutes and the chromedriver appears to
      die. Search results indicate this is fixed in the newer chromedriver
      Change-Id: I53a9810a66fa5fc7788116892b0537b54f487e12
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      Bug 1895201 Docker images for Mahara · 9d8a3498
      Glenn Walbran authored
      This commit adds docker images for building, testing and running Mahara.
      The images are:
      - mahara-base, has packages that are needed to both run and test Mahara.
        Base of an ubuntu base image.
      - mahara-builder, image to be used for building and testing Mahara. Extends
        mahara-base and adds packages needed for building and testing
      - mahara, image used for running Mahara. Has the Mahara code (that has
        already been built) baked into it.
      Things to note:
      - The configuration in the docker images is driven by environment variables.
        htdocs/config-environment.php is a config file variant that will look for
        config in from the environment variables else fall back to a default value.
        This file is copied to config.php as part of creating the mahara image.
      - The mahara image only has support for http. If https is required (which is
        recommended) then this should be done by adding a reverse proxy whose job
        is to terminate the https.
      Change-Id: I65af1231dc42684e596c6e236fcf1de166d1abc7
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      Bug 1896554, allow mail sending via SMTP server with self signed certificate · f9bb86ff
      Glenn Walbran authored
      Mahara currently does not allow the secure sending of email via an external mail
      server if it has a self signed certificate. This is because it fails the PHPMailer
      checks on self-signed certs and peer verification.
      Add options to allow this for email sending.
      Change-Id: Iad7960b275aaad84fe5ac2c7cc420f54c00556cd
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