1. 04 May, 2008 1 commit
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      Allow users to specify paths on the filesystem to search for language packs. · e3b8e4c0
      Nigel McNie authored
      If a user has checked out a language pack repository, they can add the path of it to a new configuration variable, 'langpacksearchpaths', which is an array of paths to search.
      Helpfiles are not handled yet.
      This can be tested by checking out the en_AR.utf8 language pack and adding it to langpacksearchpaths. You should get an option to use language 'Avast!'.
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  5. 24 Apr, 2008 1 commit
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      Improved handling of parent/child authentication so duplicate users are not created. · ed2b4ac8
      Nigel McNie authored
      This comes from a report on the forums: http://www.mahara.org/node/155
      The problem stemmed from an apparent misunderstanding in the code about the purpose of the 'authinstance' column in the usr table. It is for the authentication instance the user uses to log in, and is normally the parent if they are using a child/parent authentication method. However, if the authentication method doesn't have a parent, it will be the child.
      This means we need to change checks in a couple of places to look for the parent _or_ child, rather than just one of them. Otherwise, some parts of the code believe that users don't exist when in fact they do, etc.
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