1. 25 Sep, 2019 3 commits
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      Bug 1827811: Plans block · ece65af4
      Lisa Seeto authored
      The plan block's 'details' link will only display if license metadata is available.
      The link will open the modal with licensing information.
      Update how the licensemetadata is set in smarty variable.
      remove old details link and use new block header instead.
      remove the use of modal functionality, block headers & smarty vars
      Change-Id: I5f06d9ba84ff018a50ba774763be3fcede9b2576
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Bug 1827811: Journal changes · f7431a3a
      Lisa Seeto authored
      Journal changes:
      Change the modal contents to not show post contents or attached files.
      Recent posts and Tagged posts (if not in full display) now expandable with post contents and comment links.
      Attached files on page block now links only to download and not to display further metadata.
      Cleaned up artefact.php links.
      remove metada that will show on entry on page from also showing in modal
      stop background page scrolling when the modal is opened and "Advanced licensing" is selected.
      add the blogpost_render_in_modal.tpl file
      get rid of scrolling for data-toggle collapse
      add block-header to journal, journal entry
      add titles as modal links for recent posts and tagged journal entries
      add comments and details icons for recent posts and tagged journal entries
      fix things from code review
      Change-Id: Ic63ebf9fe42e7848559b5e009584fdff0a40770f
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
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      Bug 1827811: Move "Add comment" and "Details" into modal with "Comments" · be7af61f
      Lisa Seeto authored
      create modal using configureblock id, update various templates to use the modal for blocks:
      File(s) to download
      add JS to open/close modal, add comments, delete comments, reply to comments, paginate comments.
      add JS to handle url that redirects to view/view.php with modal open and populated.
      Further changes to each block will be completed in child patches.
      Add segment headings to the modal. Fix display of comments to cover width of modal.
      Show comment removed msg in modal/page appropriately.
      Fix behat test to close modal before continuing.
      do not show existing comments if comments not allowed on artefact.
      add validation to modal for comments/attachments
      disable image as link when editing for image block
      trigger focus on modal for accessibility
      close modal on escape keydown event
      fix merge conflict in view/view.php
      fix merge conflict with master
      make configureblock modal play nicely when comment block is on the page
      update display of error messages to always show at top of modal so user doesn't have to scroll
      add accesibility to close modal on escape key down
      handle dock show/hide events for paginated pages in modal during validation
      create block-comments-details-header template file
      create details button and custom scss file with js to show and hide header
      update comment links to save add comment and details when commentcount == 0
      add active-block class to colour the block-header when active
      toggle the details-btn active css
      add _block-comments-details-header.scss to patch
      change class invisble to class d-none
      add block-comments-details-header.tpl to blocktypecontainerviewing.tpl
      code review changes
      add .no-modal class to links on group home page, dashboard and profile page.
      add block header to appear above the title
      change assessbtn from anchor tag to button to prevent scrolling.
      make all clickable links clickable on page load (ignore assess mode)
      fix js issues surrounding assessbtn move and show/hide blocks
      change cursor on dashboard, my profile page, group homepage to default when over disabled modal links
      update assessbtn to details btn
      create tooltip for hover over file download block titles
      fix containerElm console log error by not reattaching tinymce unneccessarily.
      fix null named attributes issues on e.target when span (icons) instead of anchor is clicked.
      Change-Id: I2e5218c040f8a9e252f785165ce9c566ecc2f56e
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>
  2. 23 Sep, 2019 2 commits
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  9. 10 Sep, 2019 7 commits
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      Bug 1843239: Profile block user picture overlaps name · 73ee0b00
      Evonne authored
      Fixes so name isn't covered by a person's profile picture in th profile
      side bar block when the name is long. 
      Also fixed the "Default" theme where the colour of the block
      header fits the profile picture better.
      Change-Id: I1b8f8b2e113156399ac6b3d7a7c032097acee0e2
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      Bug 1830835 Footer at bottom of short pages · 59b8c41e
      Evonne authored
      Reverted commit c9b82dcd
      because it has conflicts with z-index negatives. This fix uses flex
      to push footer down to bottom of short pages. Note this fix does
      not work on IE11, there the normal footer position is used.
      Change-Id: I03db6217a235a99191685bda75acaa0dbc9deae0
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      Bug #1833348 Heading on tags page can't be selected · b54845fb
      Evonne authored
      On My tags page, the link next to "Search results for" is not
      clickable due to the Edit this tag button floating on top of it
      in a transparent layer. Fix give the button group a margin-left
      to move it away from the search title. Both the link and the edit
      button (sometimes doesn't display) should now be clickable.
      Change-Id: Idecfbaaf8965b1908a8b6edd3c3300b36da33929
    • Evonne's avatar
      Button group styling and placement · f82fa316
      Evonne authored
      Fixes for first button in button group that appear to have all four
      corners rounded rather than just the left ones. Fixes placement of
      button group on style guide sitting above the box.
      Change-Id: I06e19a3633e2692ee6a8f97b13be7751833356af
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      Bug 1830835: Extending page footer colour · c9b82dcd
      Evonne authored
      Fixes short pages where footer colour stops in a strip rather than
      extend to the bottom of the browser window.
      Change-Id: Ia5968cf0f6926c89a83ed89f3b6bcd196327923c
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      Bug 1836676: Using border-radius variable in theme · 34891d1e
      Evonne authored
      Replacing manually entered values for border-radius to use bootstrap
      variable. Visually nothing should be different, just easier long term
      Change-Id: I68aeb998cd43f3a9c7b1b9b770d6d30a20612c63
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      Bug 1839223: When creating a page via tags, the copied blocks have the wrong text for the tags · 1ea01a36
      Lisa Seeto authored
      when creating a block, run through all the tags and if
      they match institution style tag, then construct the tag
      with the institution display name and the tag.
      Change-Id: If6b92d1c2d993368f057f1b6c71354ce6d8cbb3c
      Signed-off-by: default avatarLisa Seeto <lisaseeto@catalyst.net.nz>