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      Bug #1821657 Modern theme the success message and error message look too similar · 901d1441
      Evonne Cheung authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      $success was set to be the $theme-primary-color in Raw, so Modern
      inherited it's own $theme-primary-color which is blue/gray. Have
      now reset Raw $success to a green.
      Rewrote states to inherit the same variables as alerts so
      overriding only need to change a single variable in
      bootstrap-variable.scss (eg $info, $warning, $success, $danger)
      Stripped out state/alert variables from themes except Raw as don't
      actually see the need to have them different.
      Modern alert messages had a bigger padding given to it, removed it
      as don't see how it's relevant.
      Change-Id: Iac9d8b52e5b085aaae2d4825296afac0651b0fee
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