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    • Rebecca Blundell's avatar
      Bug 1773892: Upgrade Dwoo for PHP 7.2 · 3f821e53
      Rebecca Blundell authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      Upgraded to 1.3.7
      Needed to change calls to class names to not use underscores
      Changed calls to the Dwoo/$dwoo class to Core/$core
      discovered that wrong file path wass being called for the dataroot
      changes to use namespaces instead of requires
      Changed Mahara plugins to camelcase naming.
      Dwoo now uses composer to autoload files and
      composer needs to cache the paths to classes before Dwoo will run.
      Change-Id: Ia6b7f41c96fe5695a1ed94476e21eca5a9f1c9ee
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    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Bug 1755919: Adding related tags page and adjusting tag filter · 0ad5b688
      Robert Lyon authored
      This patch contains the following:
      - created a relatedtags.php page + json file + template to handle the
      viewing of related tags for a user, the differences for this to
      tags.php page are:
      -- it can be viewed publically
      -- it requires a tag and viewid
      - Adjusted the filters for blog/blogpost, plan/task so they appear
      under their own filters as well as 'text' filter
      - adjusted the dwoo function list_tags so that we can pass an array of
      viewids/tags and/or just a view id
      -adjusted the portfolio_search_* functions so they would work for both
      my tags and related tags pages
      - fixed a filter js problem for tags.php where choosing the filter was
      not updating the displayed filter string
      Change-Id: Ie3a2c3cb56e94ced0e021265bce88e35a9cfba5d
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
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    • Naomi Guyer's avatar
      Webservices (bootstrap) · b1f9a51c
      Naomi Guyer authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Bug 1465107: Use Bootstrap CSS Framework
      Change-Id: Iac22116f528a2b11e852d1a8dc2f8c2cb031455d
    • Naomi Guyer's avatar
      BUG: web service plugins in the wrong directory · 0be400c0
      Naomi Guyer authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Bug 1465107: Use Bootstrap CSS Framework
      Change-Id: Idb81e657b8f0de44e44e678188b8fb6f275a4ad0
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Reorganizing theme files: Adding "plugintype"; eliminating "static". · 5d7bdaea
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1465107: Use Bootstrap CSS Framework
      1. Moving all the pluginfiles for themes into a "plugintype" directory. So
      e.g. htdocs/theme/raw/blocktype/clippy/templates/clippy.tpl becomes
      2. Moving all the things under "static" in themes, to the theme's root.
      So htdocs/theme/raw/static/style/style.css becomes htdocs/theme/raw/style.css
      and htdocs/theme/raw/blocktype/clippy/static/images/clippy.png becomes
      This should make things a little clearer for new theme devs. It's
      still confusing to have all the images scattered throughout the plugin
      subdirectories, but that's hard to fix because we treat the asset type
      as part of the filename, e.g. $THEME->get_url('style/style.css') instead
      of $THEME->get_url('style', 'style.css');
      Change-Id: Ia216a40fb72624113e56d7eac698bfeb5adafcf0
    • Naomi Guyer's avatar
      NEW:Optionally include parent theme, Forms, icons, tidyup (bootstrap) · 4739efeb
      Naomi Guyer authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Bug 1465107: Use Bootstrap CSS Framework
      Change-Id: I1f631d6f2637b22e00ea9e0972f0447a52304f4c
    • Naomi Guyer's avatar
      Page Builder and BUG fixes (bootstrap) · 74b5a5e0
      Naomi Guyer authored and Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells committed
      Bug 1465107: Use Bootstrap CSS Framework
      Change-Id: I332f8f2ea0c317b5171fe9163912c760f6bc2c77
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    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Dwoo includes were breaking when the plugintype was written as uppercase · 2bdb96c7
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1231755
      Change-Id: I198f04bb652d3220bcceb77c685edcae2fe68e52
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Expect plugin theme directories to have a "templates" subdirectory · aada15e7
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1328319. Still keeping the old location in the search path as well,
      for backwards-compatibility.
      Change-Id: Iee2c908bad933a3942f103df6f827ace3beee259
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Allow plugin theme files to live under the /theme and /local directory · fd85506f
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1231755. In order to make it easier for custom theme authors to customize
      the appearance of plugins, I'm adding the /theme directory to the search path
      for plugin files.
      Example: smarty->display('artefact:fun:path/to/file.tpl')
      Old searchpath:
      New searchpath (in order of precedence):
      1. /local/theme/artefact/fun/templates/path/to/file.tpl
      2. /theme/(themename)/artefact/fun/templates/path/to/file.tpl
      3. /artefact/fun/theme/(themename)/path/to/file.tpl
      Further notes:
      The /local directory doesn't have separate copies for separate
      themes. It's a sitewide override of all themes.
      For some reason theme directories under plugins don't have a "templates"
      directory. The templates sit loose under the theme directory. In my new
      version, plugin directories under themes DO have a "templates" directory.
      Change-Id: Id90ee1d1dec0bda93a0d30e54229fd7dacbe5b96
  14. 12 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Aaron Wells's avatar
      Refactor the Dwoo_Template_Mahara files · 97e96de0
      Aaron Wells authored
      Bug 1231755
      - Cleanup, documentation, and removing replicated code.
      - Not checking for whether the file exists. We'll just make a list
      of search paths and pass those through to Dwoo_Template_File, and
      let it determine which path has the file.
      - Eliminating the separate Dwoo_Template_Mahara classes for plugintypes,
      and moving the custom logic for how plugintypes find their template files,
      into the Plugin class itself.
      Change-Id: I877a4221323333e8e8b6c6df54062a0f8bf2b817
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