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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      Add two new config flags - sendemail and sendallemailto. · e3891931
      Nigel McNie authored
      The former controls whether Mahara should send any e-mail. If set to false, Mahara will never send email. Good for setting up a test system when you don't want to muck around with users' email addresses to prevent sending.
      The latter allows you to have all email emerging from the system sent to some other e-mail address instead of where it is aimed for.
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      (#2212) Major cleanup of user edit screen. · 2e0819ce
      Nigel McNie authored
      It now is ordered a bit more sensibly. Improved help and description
      text on the page. Added a button to allow admins to delete users.
      Improved the suspension/unsuspension process.
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      The 'forgot password' feature can now tell you your username. · 844d71ef
      Nigel McNie authored
      You can now enter your username and be sent a password reminder too.
      Several users of MyPortfolio have reported issues when they thought they knew their username but they didn't. Hopefully the email now telling you your username will help this.
      Several language strings had to be changed. This is a bit suck, going on 1.0_STABLE.
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    • Penny Leach's avatar
      ROUGH AS GUTS first commit of portfolio importer · 9dda41d0
      Penny Leach authored
      still to do:
      - cron processing is completely untested
      - i would like to split out the import table based on the transport:
        import_queue.host and token should go into a import_queue_mnet table
      - it's possibly worth thinking about making import a proper plugin type.
        not sure about the effect this has on the import transport
        framework...  it might be possible to have both import and
        import transport plugintypes but that might be too heavy
      - at the very least if we split out import_queue.host and token into an
        mnet table it will pave the way for a better refactor laterz.
      - i would still really like to improve the mnet namespacing but that
        might be plausible at this point.
      - need to write docs about arguments and return types
      - i want to change the content_ready arguments to not include
        $filesmanifest as that is dependent on format being file - it may
        be actually better to dispatch somewhere else based on $format and
        then just have a generic $data which would be $filesmanifest for files
        and then something else for something like LEAP or maharanative or
        whatever, as this is checked in the importer, not not the
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      Add two checkboxes to Upload CSV screen: · bcb666c9
      Nigel McNie authored
      * Force password change: if checked, users are forced to change their password on next log in. This was mandatory before, now people uploading CSV files can choose.
      * E-mail users about accounts: if checked, users are sent an e-mail about their new account. This was never an option before and never happened, now it is on by default.
      We send a slightly different e-mail based on whether the user needs to change their password or not. This affects the Add User script a tiny bit.
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      A few improvements to the tag control: · c1cbf2a6
      Nigel McNie authored
      * If you have not tags, it now tells you rather than just mysteriously disappearing
      * If you click on a tag and it's already in the input box, it is removed instead, giving a nice toggle ability. It handles the commas/spacing too.
      * Removed a debugging line that had been there for ever.
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    • Nigel McNie's avatar
      If your session times out and you've just hit a public page, make the URL to... · 02855726
      Nigel McNie authored
      If your session times out and you've just hit a public page, make the URL to trigger the transient login page remember any GET parameters.
      This makes it so that if you hit a public view (view.php?id=8 for example) and your session has just timed out, after you submit the login form you will continue to view.php?id=8 rather than just view.php. The latter is very annoying because it's not what you were after and will cause the script to bail anyway.
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