1. 07 Oct, 2022 2 commits
  2. 06 Oct, 2022 3 commits
  3. 04 Oct, 2022 2 commits
  4. 03 Oct, 2022 4 commits
  5. 02 Oct, 2022 1 commit
    • Gold's avatar
      Bug 1976429: PHP 8 Compatibility: testing · 2da315a3
      Gold authored
      This patchset covers the following directories:
      * htdocs/testing
      * test/behat
      Added a sleep(1) to the following behat definition steps to allow
      the scroll to complete.
      * i_scroll_into_view
      * i_scroll_into_view_base
      * i_scroll_into_view_center
      * i_scroll_into_id_like
      Signed-off-by: Gold's avatarGold <gold@catalyst.net.nz>
      Change-Id: I4d866ef9d6c97af27ccac9a9a306534b1cf92200
  6. 29 Sep, 2022 3 commits
    • Gold's avatar
      Bug 1976423: PHP 8 Compatibility: lib · 166e6e5c
      Gold authored
      Signed-off-by: Gold's avatarGold <gold@catalyst.net.nz>
      Change-Id: Iab18c09cd0967011c33c34f2aa2c7e0acc6b45cc
    • Robert Lyon's avatar
      Bug 1915975: Sass deprecation warning and icon change · dffce751
      Robert Lyon authored
      On line 51, column 25 of htdocs/theme/raw/sass/components/_modal.scss:
      Add a space after - to clarify that it's meant to be a binary operation
      Change the 'My groups' icon to reflect the new groups icon
      Change-Id: Ia07a745ebb05ad3c5c5f06318d08973b6ce6f103
      Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>
    • Evonne Cheung's avatar
      Bug 1915975 Design adjustments for bootstrap 5 · 6eb00f97
      Evonne Cheung authored and Robert Lyon's avatar Robert Lyon committed
      - Remove underline in dropdown options.
      - Fix active state for badges for text to be readable.
      - Put in a style for carousel captions.
      - Fix the delete post collapsible in forum.
      - Fix the active state of the btn primary so it doesn't inherit
      text colour instead (might need to revise this one as there
      might be a reason for it forgotten).
      - Skin thumbnail link outline to full image.
      - Correct the vertical alignment of the collapsible indicator in
      attachments and card-footer.
      - Increased the width of the datepicker to allow font differences.
      - Fix card list-group last child background covering the card
      bottom border radius.
      - Fix the attachment table that visually need to align with the
      list-group attachment.
      - Fix the help icon z-index in form-group.
      - Fix Plan tasks collapse indicator placement.
      - Fix header loading icon alignment and responsive header not wrapping.
      - Fix modal comment attachment width to full width.
      - Fix secret url table bottom border.
      - Fix some user-icon links focus not being around full image.
      - Fix the submissions table and pagination for responsive.
      - Fix fieldset body border top to not be there so no double border
      when there is a legend preceeding it, with some exceptions.
      - Fix the Fonts page where you click on view font specimen and the
      fonts for the whole site shrinks.
      - Move messages appearing in card header to card-body for file upload.
      - Fix select2 vertical alignment of names with img.
      - Fix the padding for filter input.
      - Fix the min-height for the left to right field selects so they align.
      - Fix labels kissing inputs in tables.
      - Fix the Components library collapsible heading and table.
      - Fix web services config form layout.
      - Fix pageaction dropdown menu items wrapping around icon.
      - Fix collections nav dropdown select icon overlapping text.
      - Fix alignment of checkboxes with text.
      - Fix styleguide.
      - Fix dropdown alignment with icon.
      - Fix submit form in viewfooter in responsive.
      - Fix inconsistent dropdown-menu and add class for when there's icon.
      - Fix the mess of button border radius in btn-groups.
      - Fix some card-collapses that were double wrapped.
      - Fix choose skins collapsible wrappers.
      - Fix collapsibles that were inconsistently border-radiused.
      - Fix date picker icon in tables.
      - Fix some button groups that need to separate when responsive.
      - Fix card-header-tabs to look more integrated.
      - Fix all the themes.
      Change-Id: I8641e84f2d51177ccd683a9e84bcbcd7113c8cd4
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