Edit View

In Edit View you may add any of the Artefacts within your portfolio to your View and arrange them as per the design template.

Depending on the template you have selected, a number of different display options will be available.

Display options:

Labels give you the option of entering in a single line of text as a title or brief description within the View. Ensure you press Enter after entering text within a Label box to confirm your entry.
Artefact List
A text based list of compatible Artefacts that you have associated with the View, with links to each Artefact. An artefact that is a ‘container’ or parent of other Artefacts (such as a blog which is a container for individual blog posts) can be listed itself or you can choose to display a list of all it’s associated Artefacts.
Fixed Size Embedded Artefact
A Fixed Size Embedded Artefact is a single Artefact embedded into the page where the display size of the Artefact will be specified by the template. Only Artefacts (e.g. images) that are able to be displayed in this size may be placed here.
Resizable Embedded Artefact
A Resizable Embedded Artefact is a single Artefact embedded into the View where the size in which the Artefact is displayed may be adjusted.

Placing Artefacts within your View:

All the Artefacts currently sitting in your ePortfolio are listed on the right of the screen. They are listed by Artefact type (Blog, Profile, File etc), then by Artefact container if applicable (e.g. Blog, Folder), and then by individual Artefact. Use the + and – icons to expand/collapse this tree directory structure.

Each page element box contains basic instructions on how it may be used within the View.

To select an Artefact use the +/- icons on the directory listing and single mouse click the desired Artefact. A small triangle will appear against the Artefact to show it has been selected.

Once an Artefact has been selected all the display areas that will support this type of Artefact will be highlighted. To place the Artefact within a box, click inside the element box.

Depending on the display box and Artefact type you have selected, you then may be given various display options which you can select by clicking on its description.

For example:

Artefact metadata includes:

Where allowed, you can add additional Artefacts by selecting another Artefact and clicking within the box.

You can remove Artefacts by selecting the [ X ] button listed against its title or replace them by selecting and adding in another Artefact.

When entering text within a Label box, ensure you press Enter to confirm your edit.

Note: Ensure any images that you have loaded into your file repository are a suitable size for display. This is usually around 300x300 pixels