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    Bug 1870444: Cover images for portfolios · a2f56dba
    Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
    - added cove mage field to view/collection settings
    - it works for personal/group/institution/site portfolios
    - creates the "Cover Images" folder if it doesn't exist to store the cover images
    as default location. This is created when navgating to a view/collection settings section.
    - there is an upgrade to add 'coverimage' column to view and
    collection tables on the db.
    - the cover image is displayed in the view/collection card
    on pages and collections section
    - copy views/collections should copy the cover image
    - display the image in the card of pages and collections if it has one.
    If there's no image it should display the desctiption or nothing if there's
    no description. If it has cover image and a description, then it displays
    the image and when hover over it will display the description.
    On mobile it will display the description when touched
    - accessibility
    - importing views/collections should import the cover image
    Change-Id: I72e305ba437ba20df23f8ede224d399eb97f02d1