Commit 4df99a8b authored by Kamaya Sho's avatar Kamaya Sho Committed by Robert Lyon

Responsive navigation menu doesn't collapse in iPad in portrait mode

Bug 1308857. The problem appears to be that the collapse logic is based
around a <= and a >=, and the iPad in portrait mode falls right in the middle
so it triggers both. Changing this to a more logical <= and > pair fixes things.

Change-Id: Iacb8d53daff0f06a6f414bf5e4aafdee1337dfa3
parent cf7e2c82
......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ $j(document).ready(function(){
if (windowWidth <= navBuffer) {
if (windowWidth >= navBuffer) {
if (windowWidth > navBuffer) {
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