Commit 911724f5 authored by Rebecca Blundell's avatar Rebecca Blundell

Bug 1853230: Fix jTLine jquery deprecation

Not fixed upstream
Library looks un-maintained

Change-Id: I7431ac7fe9099a9af900e547ad585ce0418f02e7
parent edb77733
......@@ -9,8 +9,15 @@ Build upon the fantastic "codyhouse" article.
* This file is forked from the original. You can see what it looked
like before our changes in the original commit: 65337cd7971c9a82c159caeaa22cd3ca32c75d67
Diff that against the new version, then, if there are useful changes,
make them in our fork.
* Removed demo examples
* Adjusted ajax setting to accept parameters from Mahara
* Moved the css styles to htdocs/theme/raw/sass/features/_timeline.scss
and removed the directory jTline/js/css
* Added prev / next arrows for the events
*Changed deprecated jQuery :last selector to .last()
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -424,7 +424,7 @@
$(window).on('resize', function() {
var timeline = $("#jtlinesection");
var eventwrapsize = timeline.find('.events-wrapper').width();
var navportsize = parseInt(timeline.find('.events-wrapper .events ol li:last a').css('left'), 10);
var navportsize = parseInt(timeline.find('.events-wrapper .events ol li').last().find ('a').css('left'), 10);
if ((navportsize + 50) >= eventwrapsize) {
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