Commit b1e0c7ae authored by Cecilia Vela Gurovic's avatar Cecilia Vela Gurovic Committed by Robert Lyon

Bug 1631806: Copy page description when institution/group

When a group, institution or site page is copied,
the page description from the template page
should be copied to the new page.


Change-Id: I89dd24457005c2b2d43abfbb65824198d85f8fd1
(cherry picked from commit 2a2e580e)
parent 3155e2c1
......@@ -5335,7 +5335,7 @@ class View {
$this->set('numrows', $template->get('numrows'));
$this->set('layout', $template->get('layout'));
if ($template->get('owner') == 0
if ($template->get('template') == self::SITE_TEMPLATE
&& $template->get('type') == 'portfolio') {
$this->set('description', '');
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