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Add details on using the old-style navigation

parent 24e77d65
This branch contains the themes that were used in 16.10 and up to the
point before the new app-style navigation was introduced for Mahara 17.04 at
commit bf6d8b6487f4498ba038eb1fa624420df6d91c30
......@@ -8,3 +11,11 @@ them usable.
The themes are made available here if someone wants to use the old-style
navigation for a bit longer on not yet switch to the new app-style one.
1. Download the theme or themes that you want to use in your Mahara instance.
2. Open the themeconfig.php file and change ``$theme->parent = 'raw';`` to ``$theme->parent = 'raw_old';``
3. Change the displayname in the same themeconfig.php file to something else to differentiate your theme with the built-in Mahara theme.
4. Change the name of the folder so it doesn't conflict with the built-in theme of the same name.
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