Commit 06cbdaad authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Missing some backslashes in the grep command to check git remotes for branches

parent b6ead900
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......@@ -169,7 +169,9 @@ foreach my $lang (@langkeys) {
chdir $gitlangdir;
system "git fetch --quiet";
# @UPDATE when there is a new series
my $remotebranchcmd = 'git branch -r | grep -v "HEAD" | grep "origin\/\(master\|1.10_STABLE|15.04_STABLE|15.10_STABLE|16.04_STABLE\)$"';
# When adding a new branch name here, make sure to preface it with
# "\|", that is, a backslash, then a pipe.
my $remotebranchcmd = 'git branch -r | grep -v "HEAD" | grep "origin\/\(master\|1.10_STABLE\|15.04_STABLE\|15.10_STABLE\|16.04_STABLE\)$"';
my $remotebranches = `$remotebranchcmd`;
$remotebranches =~ s/\s+/ /;
@branches = ();
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