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Add more translations from

- Chinese Traditional - zh_CN
- Indonesia - id
- Estonia - et
- Kannada - kn
- Mongola - mn
- Persian - fa
- Polish - pl
- Romanian - ro
- Serbian - sr
- Thai - th
- Turkish - tr
- Ukrainian - uk
- Hungarian - hu

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parent 0abe3139
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......@@ -9,26 +9,39 @@ el lp:mahara-lang
en_GB lp:mahara-lang
es lp:mahara-lang
et lp:mahara-lang
eu lp:mahara-lang
fa lp:mahara-lang
fi lp:mahara-lang
fr lp:mahara-lang
gl lp:mahara-lang
he lp:mahara-lang
hi lp:mahara-lang
hr lp:mahara-lang
hu lp:mahara-lang
id lp:mahara-lang
it lp:mahara-lang
ja lp:mahara-lang
# kn lp:mahara-lang
kn lp:mahara-lang
ko lp:mahara-lang
lt lp:mahara-lang
mi lp:mahara-lang
mn lp:mahara-lang
nb lp:mahara-lang
nl lp:mahara-lang
lt lp:mahara-lang
pl lp:mahara-lang
pt lp:mahara-lang
pt_BR lp:mahara-lang
# ro lp:mahara-lang
ro lp:mahara-lang
ru lp:mahara-lang
sl lp:mahara-lang
sr lp:mahara-lang
sv lp:mahara-lang
th lp:mahara-lang
tr lp:mahara-lang
uk lp:mahara-lang
vi lp:mahara-lang
# sv lp:mahara-lang
zh_CN lp:mahara-lang
zh_TW lp:mahara-lang
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