Commit 670db487 authored by Son Nguyen's avatar Son Nguyen
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Allow admins to enter the git repo and domain name when installing

the debian package

Change-Id: I706fb88b83768d386fc77a14caeff932d89e73f5
parent be30e004
......@@ -64,8 +64,10 @@ case "$1" in
echo "DATA=/var/lib/mahara-langpacks" > /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
echo "SCRIPTS=/usr/lib/mahara-langpacks" >> /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
echo "DOCROOT=/var/www/mahara-langpacks" >> /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
echo "PROJDIR=''" >> /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
db_get custom-site-mahara-langpacks/projdir
echo "PROJDIR='${RET}'" >> /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
db_get custom-site-mahara-langpacks/wwwroot
echo "WWWROOT='http://${DOMAINNAME}'" >> /etc/mahara-langpacks.conf
NVH=`apache2ctl -S 2>&1 |grep "is a NameVirtualHost"|sed 's/ .*//'|head -1`
Template: custom-site-mahara-langpacks/projdir
Type: string
Description: Mahara project repo
The git repository url of Mahara project
Template: custom-site-mahara-langpacks/wwwroot
Type: string
Description: Domain name
The domain name for the site
Use the default value for prod server only
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