Commit 8b1c1116 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells

Trust Gerrit users with an email address from a trusted organization

... currently this is just Catalyst IT. But in theory if there were
another software company with multiple developers working on this
project we could easily add them as well.
parent 8fb1bcfa
......@@ -52,6 +52,21 @@ $BEHATNOTNEEDED = "behatnotneeded";
// The regex we use to check for whether a commit includes new Behat tests (any changes to files)
// that match this regex)
$BEHATTESTREGEX = "^test/behat/features/";
// If a user belongs to one of these groups in Gerrit, it means that a member of the Mahara community
// has manually checked them out and added them to the group, so we can trust they're probably not
// an attacker.
'Mahara Reviewers',
'Mahara Testers'
// If a user's primary email address is one of these, we can trust they're probably not an attacker.
// (Gerrit verifies user email addresses to make sure the account's user also controls the email
// address.)
echo "\n";
......@@ -201,8 +216,23 @@ foreach ($commitancestors as $commit) {
// in groups that are set to make their list of members public)
$groups = gerrit_get('/accounts/' . $uploader . '/groups/?pp=0');
foreach ($groups as $group) {
if ($group->owner == 'Mahara Reviewers' || $group->owner == 'Mahara Testers') {
if (in_array($group->owner, $TRUSTED_GERRIT_GROUPS)) {
$trustedusers[$uploader] = true;
// If they're not in a trusted group, we can still trust them if they have an email
// address that marks them as an employee of a Mahara contributor organization
if (!$trustedusers[$uploader]) {
$account = gerrit_get('/accounts/' . $uploader . '?pp=0');
foreach ($TRUSTED_EMAIL_DOMAINS as $domain) {
// Verify that the user's email address ends with "@" and this domain
// (Security of this relies on Gerrit to have properly validated their email address's structure)
if (strrpos(strrev($account->email), strrev('@' . $domain)) === 0) {
$trustedusers[$uploader] = true;
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