Commit b4618df1 authored by Richard Mansfield's avatar Richard Mansfield
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Change release script to push to gerrit repo

parent 691937af
......@@ -84,9 +84,7 @@ pushd ${BUILDDIR}/mahara
# Get the public & security branches
# Main Mahara repo to pull from
echo "Cloning public repository ${PUBLIC} in ${BUILDDIR}/mahara"
......@@ -215,6 +213,11 @@ git commit -s -m "Version bump for $NEWRELEASE"
# Add gerrit repo, for pushing the new security patches, version bump & changelog commits
git remote add gerrit ${GERRIT}
# Output commands to push to the remote repository and clean up
......@@ -222,12 +225,8 @@ echo > ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "cd ${BUILDDIR}/mahara" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "git push mahara ${BRANCH}:refs/heads/${BRANCH}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "git push mahara ${RELEASETAG}:refs/tags/${RELEASETAG}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
if [ "$OPTION" != "justpublic" ]; then
echo "git push mahara-security S_${BRANCH}:refs/heads/${BRANCH}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "git push mahara-security ${RELEASETAG}:refs/tags/${RELEASETAG}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "git push gerrit ${BRANCH}:refs/heads/${BRANCH}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "git push gerrit ${RELEASETAG}:refs/tags/${RELEASETAG}" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "gpg --armor --sign --detach-sig ${CURRENTDIR}/mahara-${RELEASE}.tar.gz" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
echo "gpg --armor --sign --detach-sig ${CURRENTDIR}/mahara-${RELEASE}.tar.bz2" >> ${CURRENTDIR}/${CLEANUPSCRIPT}
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