Commit cace7ec6 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Forgot to remove my debug code again :-P

parent 4677237c
......@@ -252,9 +252,7 @@ echo "\n";
passthru("dropdb $JOB_NAME");
passthru_or_die("rm -Rf $HOME/mahara/sitedata/$JOB_NAME/*");
passthru_or_die("rm -Rf $HOME/mahara/sitedata/behat_$JOB_NAME/*");
//passthru_or_die("createdb -O jenkins -E utf8 $JOB_NAME");
passthru_or_die("createdb $JOB_NAME");
passthru_or_die("createdb -O jenkins -E utf8 $JOB_NAME");
passthru_or_die("cp $HOME/mahara/mahara-scripts/jenkins/mahara_config.php config.php");
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