Commit e1ce4af9 authored by Aaron Wells's avatar Aaron Wells
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Prevent automatic running of code submitted by untrusted Gerrit users

For security reasons, it's unwise to allow running of arbitrary code
uploaded my members of the general public. This test should limit
automated test running, to code uploaded by users who have been
manually added to the "Mahara Testers" or "Mahara Reviewers" groups.
(And/or code that has a +2 code review)

The check is against the code *uploader*, not the Gerrit change *owner*,
so if a patch is rebased by a trusted user, it will trigger automatic
code execution.
parent 88d7df52
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ if (empty($commitancestors)) {
$firstcommit = true;
$i = 0;
$trustedusers = array();
foreach ($commitancestors as $commit) {
$commit = trim($commit);
......@@ -129,6 +130,43 @@ foreach ($commitancestors as $commit) {
// To prevent attackers from using our Jenkins to execute arbitrary unsafe code, reject any
// code that was uploaded by someone who has not been manually added to the Mahara Reviewers
// or Mahara Testers group. Or if the code has a +2 code review, then it's also okay to run.
$uploader = $content->revisions->{$commit}->uploader->_account_id;
// Cacheing the list of trusted users to reduce the number of queries we have to make.
if (!array_key_exists($uploader, $trustedusers)) {
// Assume we don't trust them, until we find that they belong to a trusted group.
$trustedusers[$uploader] = false;
// (note that because we're not authenticating, this will only return their membership
// in groups that are set to make their list of members public)
$groups = gerrit_query('/accounts/' . $uploader . '/groups/?pp=0');
foreach ($groups as $group) {
if ($groups->owner == 'Mahara Reviewers' || $groups->owner == 'Mahara Testers') {
$trustedusers[$uploader] = true;
// If they're not a trusted user, then only run their code if it has passed code review.
if (!$trustedusers[$uploader]) {
if (empty($content->labels->{'Code-Review'}->approved)) {
if ($firstcommit) {
echo "This patch was uploaded by an unvetted user in Gerrit.\n";
else {
echo "This patch is descended from a patch that was uploaded by an unvetted user in Gerrit: $myurl\n";
echo "For security purposes, it needs to be code reviewed before it is put through automated testing.\n";
else {
echo "Commit {$commit} was uploaded by an unvetted user in Gerrit, however it has passed code review, so it is assumed safe for automated testing.\n";
if ($firstcommit) {
echo "$i. This patch is ready for automated testing, so we will continue\n";
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