Commit 00ea6387 authored by Glenn Walbran's avatar Glenn Walbran
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Remove latexpdf from bundle to reduce size

The bundle is too large for gitlab to fetch from runner with the pdfs to.
parent 7d7aa7d2
......@@ -192,9 +192,8 @@ doctest:
@echo "Testing of doctests in the sources finished, look at the " \
"results in $(BUILDDIR)/doctest/output.txt."
bundle: html latexpdf epub
bundle: html epub
cp $(BUILDDIR)/latex/$(TRANSLATION)/$(MAHARA)/Mahara.pdf $(BUILDDIR)/html/$(TRANSLATION)/$(MAHARA)/Mahara.pdf; \
cp $(BUILDDIR)/epub/$(TRANSLATION)/$(MAHARA)/Mahara.epub $(BUILDDIR)/html/$(TRANSLATION)/$(MAHARA)/Mahara.epub; \
@tar -czf $(BUILDDIR)/mahara-manual$(MAHARA).tar.gz -C $(BUILDDIR)/html $(TRANSLATIONS)
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