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WR340583, Ensure docker base image is up to date

Building a docker image from a stale base image can give unexpected
results. Add build.builder.sh script to make is easy to build the
image correctely.
parent 4159d2a5
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ The first command only builds English. The second builds all translations
(and takes longer).
# build/update the dockerized manual builder
manual-build/build-manual.sh TRANSLATIONS=en html
manual-build/build-manual.sh html
......@@ -41,10 +44,12 @@ you continue.
If docker is available you can build the docbuilder image on Linux with:
cd manual-build
docker build --build-arg IMAGE_UID=`id -u` --build-arg IMAGE_GID=`id -g` --tag mahara/docbuilder .
Note: this command should be run periodically to freshen up (patch) the builder
The `mahara/docbuilder` image is based on a debian docker image with additional
packages that are required for building the docs installed. Using a docker image
for this makes it easy to get going with the same build environment as used by
# Builds and/or refreshes the Mahara docbuilder image.
BASE_DIR=$(dirname $0)
cd ${BASE_DIR}
docker pull debian:stable
docker build --build-arg IMAGE_UID=`id -u` --build-arg IMAGE_GID=`id -g` --tag mahara/docbuilder .
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