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WR340583, Add a dockerized nginx web server for serving built docs

Some parts of the documentation cannot be tested by opening the html
files with a browser. For instance search will not work in that case.

The solution is to serve the built files with a nginx web server
running in a docker container. Add a script to do this along with
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......@@ -19,6 +19,10 @@ The first command only builds English. The second builds all translations
manual-build/build-manual.sh TRANSLATIONS=en html
manual-build/build-manual.sh html
manual-build/local-server.sh start
# check your changes in site served from the local server
manual-build/local-server.sh stop
The built docs will be in the `build/html` directory (on your host machine).
# Runs a dockerized nginx web server that will serve the Mahara manual
# that has been built.
# This script will start the nginx container and publish it's port 80 to
# ${CONTAINER_LISTEN_PORT} which will default to port 80 on the host machine.
# If this does not suit you set an environment variable CONTAINER_LISTEN_PORT
# with the port that you do want to use.
cd $(dirname $0)/..
if [[ "$1" == "stop" ]] ; then
docker container stop ${CONTAINTER_NAME}
elif [[ "$1" == "start" ]] ; then
docker run --rm --name ${CONTAINTER_NAME} \
-v $(pwd)/build/html:/usr/share/nginx/html:ro \
-d nginx
echo "View the manual at http://localhost:${CONTAINER_LISTEN_PORT}/en/"
echo "Usage $0 start|stop"
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