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Make a script to build docker image, then run it to build manual

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......@@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ The first command only builds English. The second builds all translations
(and takes longer).
docker run -v $(pwd)/:/home/docbuilder/source mahara/docbuilder TRANSLATIONS=en html
docker run -v $(pwd)/:/home/docbuilder/source mahara/docbuilder html
manual-build/ TRANSLATIONS=en html
manual-build/ html
The built docs will be in the `build/html` directory (on your host machine).
# Convenience script to build the manual, and builds/updates the dockerized
# manual builder when necessary
# Usage Examples:
# - manual-build/ TRANSLATIONS=en html
# - manual-build/ html
# First we build the manual builder docker image.
# Just in case it needs to be built, or updated.
cd $(dirname $0)/
docker build --build-arg IMAGE_UID=`id -u` --build-arg IMAGE_GID=`id -g` --tag mahara/docbuilder .
# now we move back to the manual directory, up from the manual-build directory
cd ../
docker run -v $(pwd)/:/home/docbuilder/source mahara/docbuilder $@
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