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groups/create_group: New archive feature

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......@@ -142,6 +142,7 @@ In addition to the group settings that a regular account holder has, institution
.. note::
The archive is made at the point of the release of a portfolio.
#. |new in Mahara 21.04| **Access archive of submissions**: :index:`Group <single: New in Mahara 21.04; Archive of submissions in group>` administrators can view a report displaying all submissions that have been made to the group. They can download the submissions, and also download a CSV file with information on where to find the archives on the server.
#. **Hide group**: Switch this option to 'Yes' if you do not want to list this group on the :ref:`Groups <groups>` page.
#. **Hide membership**: You can hide members of the group from non-members. Decide whether to hide:
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