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external/externalapps: Add info about SAML as parent to LTI

New feature in Mahara 17.10: SAML authentication
can be the parent authentication method to LTI allowing
automatic login via LTI or SAML into the same account
(Bug #1691317).
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......@@ -78,6 +78,8 @@ You can enable LTI for an institution as site administrator. Institution adminis
.. index::
single: LTI; LTI and second authentication method
.. _lit_parent_auth:
Use LTI with a second authentication method
......@@ -90,6 +92,21 @@ The first case, users log in via Mahara initially, is the easier one as you don'
Technically, you can use any authentication method that you have available in Mahara as second authentication method for LTI, including MNet. However, since MNet doesn't allow you to log in via the Mahara homepage and LTI is a replacement for MNet, this authentication method is not mentioned as one to be connected.
|new in Mahara 17.10| :index:`You <single: New in Mahara 17.10; SAML as parent authentication to LTI>` can set the SAML authentication method as parent authentication method to LTI. That allows people to log in via SAML or LTI and be put into the same account.
.. note::
This is currently only possible for SAML authentication but not for LDAP / Active Directory or a third-party authentication method.
.. figure:: /images/administration/external/lti_parent.*
:alt: Set a parent authentication method for LTI
Set a parent authentication method for LTI
#. Click the *Manage* button |manage| next to the LTI app on *Administration → Extensions → Web services → External apps*.
#. **Institution**: The institution for which you created the LTI app is listed.
#. **Auto-create users**: Flip the switch to "Yes" if you want to allow anybody who has access to the LTI link to create an account automatically.
#. |new in Mahara 17.10| **Parent authority**: Select the authentication method that should be the parent to LTI thus allowing people to log in directly via both and be in the same account.
Log in via Mahara and then LTI
......@@ -352,3 +352,7 @@
.. |elasticsearch| raw:: html
<i class="fa fa-search fa-3x fa-pull-left" aria-hidden="true"></i>
.. |parent to LTI| raw:: html
<i class="fa fa-handshake-o fa-3x fa-pull-left" aria-hidden="true"></i>
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