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admin/config_site: Add note for anonymous content

Author names aren't displayed in blocks when a page
is set to not display the author's name
(Bug #1683582).
parent 15a77f85
......@@ -379,6 +379,10 @@ General settings
If the option "Allow public pages" is chosen, "Allow public profiles" is automatically selected.
#. **Allow anonymous pages**: :index:`If <single: Allow anonymous pages>` set to "Yes", users can hide their name as the author of a page from other users. Administrators and staff can still view authorship information by clicking on the "Author's name hidden" link that will reveal the real name.
.. note::
The name is also anonymized in blocks that are on the page and would normally display the author's name.
#. **Sitemap**: If set to "Yes", sitemap files from publicly accessible pages, groups and forum topics are generated that can be sent to another service.
#. **Portfolio search**: If allowed, the "Search my portfolio" side block is displayed in the *Content* and *Portfolio* sections of the site. However, it has not been working for most users for a long time.
#. **Tag cloud**: If set to "Yes", users see a side block in the *Content* and *Portfolio* sections of the site with a list of their most frequently used tags. The number of tags displayed is defined by the option "Maximum tags in cloud".
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