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admin/reports: New "Reports" section

Start documenting the new "Reports" section,
which replaces all statistics areas and user
report pages (Bug #1691910).
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paid: Administration; Reports
single: New in Mahara 17.10; Reports
.. _reports:
|new in Mahara 17.10| Reports
*Administration → Reports*
The *Site statistics*, *Institution statistics*, and *User reports* sections in the *Administration* area were combined in Mahara 17.10. Now they are all available from one central place. Further reports were added to expand the analytics capabilities.
Reports can be run by site and institution administrators. Staff may also have access to certain reports.
Structure of a report
The structure of all reports is similar, and they can all be configured to show less or more information.
.. figure:: /images/administration/reports_structure.*
:alt: Structure of the reports
Structure of the reports
#. Title of the report.
#. Institution that was selected for the report. If it says "All institutions", then the report is over the entire site.
#. Timeframe over which is being reported.
#. Click the *Configure* button to change the report settings.
#. Table header shows the individual report items.
#. Data in the report.
#. Paginator to jump to additional results.
#. Total number of results.
#. **Results per page**: Change how many results you want to display per page.
#. Click the *Download* icon |download icon| to download the report as CSV file.
.. _report_configuration:
Report configuration
All reports can be configured via the *Configure* button on the *Reports* page.
.. figure:: /images/administration/reports_configuration.*
:alt: Configuration screen for the reports
Configuration screen for the reports
#. **Institution**: Select the institution for which you want to run the report.
.. note::
Site administrators see all institutions and the option "All institutions", which is the site level. Institution administrators only see reports for the institutions in which they are an administrator.
#. **Report type**: Select the report that you want to display. The categories are:
* Content
* Groups
* Institutions
* People
#. **This report includes**: This section details what information the report includes.
#. **From**: Select the start date for your report by clicking into the field and selecting it via the calendar.
#. **To**: Select the end date for your report by clicking into the field and selecting it via the calendar.
.. note::
You can only view reports for data that is still in the database on the site. If data was deleted or not yet collected for certain reports to show data, no data can be displayed.
#. **Columns**: Click the |retracted| icon to show the columns that you can select or deselect to tailor the report for this session. The |retractable| icon is displayed when the panel is open.
#. Tick the checkbox next to an item that you want to display as additional column in your report.
#. You can't deselect certain columns as they display the minimum information for the selected report.
#. Click the *Submit* button to display results for your report, or click *Cancel* to abort any changes to your report.
#. You can also click the *Close* icon |close| in the top left-hand corner of the modal window to cancel your action without saving any changes.
.. index::
pair: Reports; Content reports
.. _content_reports:
Content reports
The content report displays information about modifications to artefacts and blocks. The available columns are:
* Title
* Number of modifications
* Total
* Number of unique users who made the modifications
* Number of unique users over the total
.. index::
pair: Reports; Group reports
.. _group_reports:
Group reports
.. note::
This report is only available on the site level and can't be selected by institution administrators.
The group report provides information about the groups that are on the site. For each group you can see:
* ID
* Name
* Number of members
* Number of pages
* Number of comments on group pages
* Number of comments on pages shared with the group
* Number of forums
* Number of forum posts
.. index::
pair: Reports; Institution reports
.. _institution_reports:
Institution reports
The institution report contains statistical information about each institution:
* Creation date
* Number of users
* Number of pages
* Disk space used
* For "All institutions" only:
* Number of groups
* Database size
* Mahara version
* Information on the running of cron
.. index::
pair: Reports; People reports
.. _People_reports:
People reports
There are numerous reports in this section:
* Collaboration
* Masquerading sessions
* Page activity
* People overview
* Portfolio access
* User activity
* User details
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