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admin/web_services: Info about external app drop-down list restriction

Update for Mahara 22.04: The list of possible applications
that can be selected in 'External apps' in the 'Web services'
area is restricted to OAuth1 and OAuth2 applications
(Bug #1947533).
parent 336faaa5
......@@ -291,6 +291,9 @@ Registration of external apps
You can use this page to register external applications that are connected via OAuth. An example is LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). You can enable external tools for institutions and specific service definitions, for which a consumer key and secret will be generated automatically.
.. note::
|new in Mahara 22.04| :index:`Only <single: New in Mahara 22.04; Restrict list of external apps>` external apps that use OAuth1 or OAuth2 are displayed here to prevent that a wrong app is selected that can't be used with LTI.
.. figure:: /images/administration/web_services/external_apps_registration.*
:alt: Register an external application
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