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groups/inside_group: Add info about submission archive

New feature in Mahara 21.04: Group admins can see
the archived submissions in their groups
(Bug 1923676).
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......@@ -681,6 +681,40 @@ When you are an administrator of a group, you can :ref:`switch on the participat
.. note::
You can sort each of the columns. The column that is currently sorted, has a little ascending triangle |sort-ascend| or descending triangle |sort-descend| next to it.
.. index::
single: Group; Archive
.. _group_archive:
|new in Mahara 21.04| Archive
*Main menu → Engage → Groups → [Name of the group] → Archive*
:index:`Group <single: New in Mahara 21.04; Archive of submissions>` administrators can see archived submissions for easy access to them in a group.
.. note::
The 'Archive' and 'Submissions' functionalities both display archive submissions that were made to the group. They differ in that the 'Archive of submissions' is similar to the report that site administrators see in the site administration. It provides information on when a portfolio was archived, and the CSV file contains that path to the archived files.
.. figure:: /images/group/archive.*
:alt: Archive of portfolio submissions to a group
Archive of portfolio submissions to a group
#. Enter a person's name to filter the result list for just their submissions.
#. **Results**: List of submissions.
#. **ID**: ID of the submission.
#. **Profile picture**: The profile picture of the portfolio author. It is clickable and takes you to their profile page.
#. **First name**: First name of the portfolio author. When clicked, you are taken to their profile page.
#. Use the *Sort* icon |sort-descend| to sort any column in ascending or descending order. Per default, the 'First name' column is sorted, but you can click on any table header to change which column is sorted.
#. **Last name**: The last name of the portfolio author.
#. **Display name**: The display name of the portfolio author.
#. **Username**: The username of the portfolio author.
#. **Archive file**: The title of the portfolio that was archived. Click the title to download the file.
#. **Archived on**: The date and time on which the portfolio was archived.
#. The number of results are displayed.
#. You can download the information about the archives to store them offline. That is in particular of importance when the portfolios are downloaded from the server and you want to find them in the file structure.
.. index::
single: Group; Files
single: Group file quota
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