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external/lti_moodle: Similarity check via Ouriginal

New feature in Mahara 22.04: Submit a portfolio to
Ouriginal via Moodle for a similarity check
(Bug #1940346).
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......@@ -96,3 +96,38 @@ Set up an assignment in Moodle
#. Select to add the *External Tool* activity in Moodle.
#. During the :ref:`setup <moodle>` ensure that you tick the checkbox next to 'Accept grades from the tool' under 'Privacy'. If you don't tick this checkbox, you can only authenticate to Mahara but not select a portfolio for submission.
#. Click the activity name to finalize the :ref:`assessment settings <lti_assessment_settings>`. Learners are not able to use the activity until these settings have been saved.
.. _ouriginal:
|new in Mahara 22.04| Similarity check with Ouriginal
:index:`It <single: New in Mahara 22.04; Similiarity check in Moodle>` is possible to submit a portfolio via the assignment submission functionality in Moodle and send it to Ouriginal for similarity checks. This requires that both the Mahara assignment submission plugin (web services) and the `Ouriginal Moodle plugin <>`_ are installed. The latter requires a number of changes to access the web services in Mahara. These changes have not yet been added to the public Moodle plugin code.
On the Mahara side, the available functionalities are the HTML lite and the PDF lite export options. Since similarity checking software can only process certain file types, the 'lite' export allows to restrict the export to just those file types. Refer to ``htdocs/export/htmllite/lib.php`` or ``htdocs/export/pdflite/lib.php`` for the file types that will be included in the export via the variable ``$validfiles``.
**The PDF lite export is a proof of concept and an experimental feature at this stage.**
#. Make sure that the normal HTML export is enabled, as it is a prerequisite for HTML lite to work. If you use the PDF lite option, enable the regular PDF export option.
#. Enable the plugin in *Administration menu → Extensions → Plugin administration → HTML Lite* by clicking the *Show* button.
#. Enable incoming web service requests and select the protocol that you want to use at *Administration menu → Web services → Configuration*.
#. Set up a web service on the same page:
* Create a new service group and assign the function ``mahara_submission_generate_view_for_plagiarism_test`` to the group and make sure that 'Service' and 'User token access' are enabled.
* Create a new service access token and select the newly created service group.
#. You can now access this service from an external source, for example to access it from a terminal via cURL:
.. code-block::
curl --location --request POST '' \
-F 'views[0][viewid]="8"' \
-F 'views[0][iscollection]=0' \
-F 'views[0][submittedhost]="fakeexternalsite"' \
-F 'views[0][exporttype]="htmllite"' \
-F 'wstoken="...your generated webservice token..."' \
-F 'wsfunction="mahara_submission_generate_view_for_plagiarism_test"'
.. note::
To use the PDF lite option in the cURL command, change ``views[0][exporttype]="htmllite"`` to ``views[0][exporttype]="pdflite"``.
......@@ -41,6 +41,11 @@ Prevent changes to sign-off block on copied templates
|sign-off lock| To prevent accidental changes to the :ref:`'Sign-off' block <sign-off_block>` on portfolios that are copied from a template, the block settings are not available to portfolio authors once they made a copy of the template.
Similarity check with Ouriginal in Moodle
|ouriginal| Using the Mahara assignment submission plugin (web services) and additional functionalities in the Ouriginal Moodle plugin, it is possible to submit portfolios to Ouriginal via Moodle for a similarity check. In Mahara, :ref:`web services <ouriginal>` need to be enabled along with a new export format.
Delete accounts from specific institutions in bulk via CLI
......@@ -557,3 +557,7 @@
.. |sign-off lock| raw:: html
<i class="fas fa-file-signature fa-3x fa-pull-left new_icon" aria-hidden="true"></i>
.. |ouriginal| raw:: html
<i class="fas fa-binoculars fa-3x fa-pull-left new_icon" aria-hidden="true"></i>
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