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admin/institutions: Include configurable theme options

The configurable theme was updated to deal better with
certain color options in 15.10.2. The screenshots were
updated accordingly.
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......@@ -188,7 +188,32 @@ If you do not want to use one of the built-in themes of Mahara or one of the `co
You can change the configurable theme directly on the :ref:`institution settings <add_institution>` page.
**Update to come**: :index:`The <single: Not yet available in Mahara 15.10; Further updates to the configurable theme>` configurable theme in Mahara 15.10 is undergoing some additional changes. This section will be updated when the changes are completed.
.. figure:: /images/administration/configurable_theme_options.*
:alt: Colour options for the configurable theme
Colour options for the configurable theme
In order to change any of the colours, either provide the `hexadecimal color code <>`_ or choose the colour from the colour picker that becomes available as soon as you click in one of the colour fields.
#. **Theme**: Choose the “Configurable Theme” from the drop-down menu and the “Custom theme configuration” options become visible.
#. **Header background**: The colour of the header.
#. **Text on header background**: The colour of text in the header.
#. **Links**: The link colour on pages and in the sidebar.
#. **Headings**: The heading colour for all headings except in the sidebar.
#. **Navigation background**: The colour of the top navigation bar.
#. **Navigation text**: The colour of the text / links in the main navigation bar.
#. **Reset colours**: Switch to "Yes" if you want to go back to the original colours of the configurable theme.
#. Click the *Submit* button at the bottom of the page to make your changes.
.. note::
If you do not see the theme changes immediately when you are logged in as institution member, you may have to clear your browser cache.
.. figure:: /images/administration/configurable_theme_example.*
:alt: Example of a configurable theme
Example of a configurable theme
The numbers on the example page refer to the configurable theme options above.
.. index::
pair: Institution; Edit site institution
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