Commit a806519e authored by Kristina Hoeppner's avatar Kristina Hoeppner

blocks/profile: Update wall screenshot

to display the correct private post now that
15.10.2 fixed the issue.
parent 3820f8eb
......@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@ When you view your wall (or someone else's wall) on your profile page, you see t
#. **Make your post private**: Decide who shall see your wall post. If you make it private, only you and the person to whose wall you are posting will see the post.
#. Click the *Post* button to add your message to the wall.
#. A wall post always contains the name of the person who made the post, the date and the actual message. A public wall post can be viewed by anyone who has access to the profile page.
#. **Not yet available in Mahara 15.10**: :index:`Wall <single: Not yet available in Mahara 15.10; Private wall posts are highlighted>` posts that are private are highlighted.
#. Wall posts that are private are highlighted.
#. Click the *Delete* icon |delete| if you do not want to have a specific post on your wall. The post authors and you as owner of your wall can delete posts.
#. Click the *View whole wall* link to see all wall posts.
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