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Configure the Elasticsearch 7 plugin
#. **Type**: The item type available for indexing.
* usr: Personal information of people who have accounts, such as name
* interaction_instance: The title and description of forums
* interaction_forum_post: The content of forum posts
* group: Information about groups, such as group name and description
* view: title and description of pages
* artefact: Information about artefacts, such as title, description, or full content, depending on the artefact type
* block_instance: Information about the blocks, e.g. on which pages they are used.
* event_log: Information that is stored in the event log
* collection: Title and description of collections
#. **In queue**: The number of items awaiting to be indexed for each type.
#. **In index**: The number of items that are in the index for each type.
#. Click the *Requeue all items* next to a type.
#. Type the number of the event into the field if you only want to requeue something specific.
.. note::
For example, if you had a problem with a particular page that was not indexed correctly, you can specify that without needing to reindex all the other pages. In this case, find the Mahara ID for the page by going looking at its URL or if you use cleanr URLs, click the 'Edit' button because the page ID is always displayed in 'Edit' mode. Then enter that number in this field.
#. Click the *Requeue* button next to a type to re-index either all items that are already in the index for this particular type or the specific item that you want to requeue.
#. Click the *Reset* button if you want to reset all indexes. Note: This will take several hours on large sites, and the items are not available in the fulltext search while they are being indexed.
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