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new: Add info on logo for small devices

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......@@ -13,3 +13,8 @@ Search notifications
|inbox-search| You can search your notifications in your :ref:`inbox <inbox>` and :ref:`sent messages <sent_messages>`. This allows you to access specific notifications that you are looking for more easily.
Logo for small devices
|small logo| :ref:`Upload a square logo <logo_upload>` to your institution's settings for small devices. This will improve the header display when you are viewing your site on smartphones or other small screens.
......@@ -314,9 +314,9 @@
<i class="fa fa-inbox fa-3x fa-pull-left" aria-hidden="true"></i>
.. |theme| raw:: html
.. |small logo| raw:: html
<i class="fa fa-paint-brush fa-3x fa-pull-left" aria-hidden="true"></i>
<i class="fa fa-picture-o fa-3x fa-pull-left" aria-hidden="true"></i>
.. |pages and collections combined| raw:: html
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