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    Bug 1813987: Creating a new page with gristack layout · 2c861ec1
    Cecilia Vela Gurovic authored
    add a new block, place it anywhere in the grid, edit configuration
    and delete it.
    It will save it in the db on table block_instance_dimension
    but not display it in view or edit mode yet
    Also included a small fix in xmldb postgres class generator
    to handle reserved words in getAlterFieldSQL function
    Failing tests:
    - most of them are failing when adding a new block to the page
    because they expect to have a modal to choose the position
    where to place block. That modal was removed for this patch but
    there will be a similar one in patch:
    and those tests will be fixed there
    - a few tests failed when they couldn't find text inside the
    blocks because they are not expanded to fit the content yet.
    This is added in patch:
    and they will be fixed there
    Change-Id: If4521a6315f6e8cc5d88693f536946dace359288
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