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    Bug 1234615: Check that resized image files are viewable by user · aa31ba59
    Robert Lyon authored
    When exporting via Html export process - if not then ignore the file
    To test:
    1) Add an image block/file to a page and set a width value
    2) Go into db block_instance table and change the artefactid to an
    image that is owned by another user
    3) Reload the page - you should see the image block but not the
    attached image
    4) Export the page as HTML, either as full or standalone
    Before patch - you will end up with image file in the files/extra/
    After patch - you should not get the image in the files/extra/
    directory and you should get an info warning 'Unable to copy artefact
    file ***' on export page.
    Change-Id: Iaeb9404b3329c4eb3eac59354801b598f7cd5ba8
    Signed-off-by: Robert Lyon's avatarRobert Lyon <robertl@catalyst.net.nz>