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    lib/adodb: Updating ADOdb to version 5.18 · 88a12838
    Aaron Wells authored
    Bug #1180625
    ADOdb 5.18, downloaded form http://sourceforge.net/projects/adodb/files/adodb-php5-only/adodb-518-for-php5/
    I've cherry-picked the following Mahara commits onto it:
    1. adodb: fix MySQL bug on installing Mahara
    This was reported in the forums by Bruce Ellis:
    and corresponds to Eduforge #3159 and LP #547934.
    (cherry picked from commit e7029e5f)
    2. adodb: RecordSet_postgres7->MoveNext() - remove expensive is_array()
     implicit count() of the array keys/columns. This shaves a good 5%
    of the exec time of get_records('config')
    (cherry picked from commit 04ef8a3b)
    3. adodb: check for Postgres 8.1
    See Eduforge #2318 or LP #547951.
    (cherry picked from commit c6dfccad)
    4. Check for valid columns in adodb postgres64 driver MetaIndexes fn (bug #796102)
    Indexes on functions of columns have a 0 in the indkey column of
    pg_catalog.pg_index, which doesn't refer to a column.
    Don't return any columns for the index, rather than returning an empty
    column name.
    (cherry picked from commit b87d9961)
    5. Bug #841711: ADODB modification: add __wakeup to connection object
    This reconnects to the db after wakeup, as resource types cannot be
    serialized and unserialized.
    This is necessary for unit tests, phpunit backups and restore globals
    between each test.
    (cherry picked from commit 41707745
    Change-Id: I888bfc0cfb6acfc58adf1b416580c4b5ddd70732
    Signed-off-by: Aaron Wells's avatarAaron Wells <aaronw@catalyst.net.nz>